Cricket With Snehal

Learn Cricket Directly From India Cricketer Snehal Pradhan. Individual attention, smart lessons, video call feedback that you can apply at home.

Different Courses for Different needs.


About me.

Snehal Pradhan

Snehal was just another cricket-crazy kid like you. She played cricket for India, and has a 15-year career in professional cricket. She now creates cricket coaching videos online, commentates on cricket, and writes about cricket for Economic Times, Cricinfo, Wisden etc.

Who is this school for?

Are you passionate about cricket?

Does it give you enjoyment to hit the ball right from the middle of your bat?

Do you want to move one level higher in your game?

And most importantly, are you ready to learn from an expert?

If you've answered yes, then congrats, this school is for you. Browse through our courses to see which fits you best.

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