Batting Basics

In Depth batting tutorial videos from Snehal

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Language: Hindi

Instructors: India Cricketer Snehal Pradhan



Why this course?


  • Want to start learning cricket, but don't have the right guidance?
  • Is your academy too crowded, are you not getting individual attention?
  • Want to learn from someone who is more qualified?
  • Don't have a cricket academy nearby, or don't have lot's of equipment?

This course will solve all these problems, and help you level up in your batting!

I'm Snehal Pradhan, India Cricketer, and I will be sharing my experience of playing cricket professionally for 15 years with you through this course. I will share the exact processes and steps I followed to go from gully cricket, to school team, to district team, to state team, and finally to the Indian team. 

With my Batting Basics course, you'll get to learn

  • from a coach you can trust, not just an assistant coach who has to pay attention to 20 other kids! 
  • You won't need fancy equipment (leather balls, pads, expensive bats).
  • And you won't need to spend time and money travelling to the academy, everything I teach you can be learned at home or in a small open space. 
  • Get more than one hour of video tutorials, and entry to my 24*7 private Facebook Group with other students where you can directly ask me your questions and get advice on cricket.

Once you sign up, you will get one new lecture every day for two weeks. You need to follow the guidance given in the lecture before moving to the next one. 

I will be your coach, guide and mentor through the basics, and pass on the knowledge that my coaches and seniors taught me. 

Course Curriculum

Phase 1: Introduction
1.1 Intro, What, Where, Who (3:00)
Phase 1 Helplist (2 pages)
1.2 About me (1:00)
1.3 How to do this course (4:00)
1.4 How to use the Facebook Group (2:00)
1.5 Theory (2:00)
1.6 Starting Point
Phase 2: Basics ke Basics
2.1 Choosing the right bat size (5:00)
Z Bat sze chart
2.2 What If I don't have the right size or weight (2:00)
Phase 2 Helplist (1 pages)
2.3 Check your dominant hand and dominant eye (2:00)
2.4 Grip (5:00)
2.5 How to remember your grip (4:00)
2.6 Stance and tapping (5:00)
2.7 Guard (4:00)
2.8 Trigger movement and tapping (2:00)
Phase 3: Snehal's ABCD
3.01 Boring (2:00)
3.02 A (2:00)
3.03 B (4:00)
3.04 C (1:00)
3.05 D (1:00)
3.06 The Wall (3:00)
3.07 How to do ABCD on four lines (4:00)
Week 1 Schedule (3 pages)
3.08 Stationary (1:00)
3.09 Leg Stump Stationary (2:00)
3.10 Middle Stump Stationary (1:00)
3.11 Off stump stationary (2:00)
3.12 Shortcut Stationary (2:00)
3.13 front foot Shortcut Stationary (2:00)
3.14 Backfoot Shortcut Stationary (1:00)
Week 2 Schedule (7 pages)
Phase 4: Moving Ball
4.01 Shoulder Drop Drives (1:00)
4.02 Front foot Shoulder Drop Drives (1:00)
4.03 Backfoot Shoulder Drop Drives (1:00)
4.04 You can't hit what you can't see (1:00)
4.05 Call the Colour (1:00)
4.06 Bat with you Eyes Closed (1:00)
4.07 Numbers Game (2:00)
Week 3 Schedule (4 pages)
4.08 Start Driving (3:00)
4.09 Front Foot Cover Drive and Off Drive (1:00)
4.10 Back foot cover drive and off drive (1:00)
4.11 Front foot Straight Drive and On Drive (1:00)
4.12 Back foot Straight Drive and On Drive (1:00)
Phase 5: Throwdowns
5.1 Before Throwdowns- Judging Line (1:00)
5.2 Judging Length (2:00)
5.3 Throwdowns (2:00)
5.4 Why all this is important
Week 4 Schedule (2 pages)
Phase 6: Conclusion
6.1 From Tennis balls to Leather ball (4:00)
6.2 Repetition (1:00)
6.3 Conclusion

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